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    Welcome to the Seacoast Dart Association
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    Welcome to the Seacoast Dart Association
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    Welcome to the Seacoast Dart Association
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    Welcome to the Seacoast Dart Association


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The Portsmouth Dart League - 1983

Traditional English Darts debuted in Portsmouth in the Fall of 1983. Known as the Portsmouth Dart Association. Dale Yeilding from Portsmouth was instrumental in forming the League. Having recently moved to Portsmouth, he enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of the local pub and a friendly game or two over a pint at The Press Room. The first season of the PDA was an in-house league at the Press Room. Interest in the Sport grew rapidly. At the same time that the League was forming at the Press Room, the Pease AFB Non Commissioned Officers club had a group of Air Force personnel participating in a League at the club. Many of the Air Force personnel had enjoyed the Sport while stationed in England. A challenge match between the NCO Club at Pease and the Press Room was set in motion by Linda Foote from the NCO Club and Dale Yeilding at the Press Room. This was the beginning of things to come for organized darting events throughout the Seascoast. Soon after the challenge match (NCO Club were the victors) a meeting took place to discuss the expansion of the fledgling league to include Air Force personnel at Pease and any other individuals interested in the Sport.

In December 1983 the Seacoast Dart Association was formed. (One side note to the formation of the League , State Law prohibited Darts in any restaurant, pub, or lounge until 1983, when the law was abolished.)

From the very beginning a handful of individuals were involved in the management and administration of League affairs. Leading the list is Dale Yeilding of Portsmouth N.H.. His vision of an Organized Dart Association is still evident today in our bylaws and Rules.

Other founders include: Steve Bennett, Jennifer Brewster, Greg Callahan, Linda Foote, Bob Loring, Marilyn Loring. and Janele Zuk.

In 1983-84, 31 Cabot Street, in Portsmouth, was known as the World Headquarters of the Seacoast Dart Association. A small group met on a regular basis to set a plan in motion and to organize the Dart League. Many of the people responsible for the Leagues success through the years have since moved on to other areas. Some of the names mentioned will be familiar to most of you. Thinking that I might have this opportunity someday, most of the original documentation is on hand and we will try and chronologically take you though the years.

Excerpts from CORK MAGAZINE - March-April 1984

Mike and Janelle Zuk are late in arriving, but then that's to be expected on inaugural night of the fledgling dart league. The Zuks are the treasurers of the Sea Coast Dart Association based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. "Although the Sea Coast is a loosely formed group, every endeavor requires an organizer, and Dale Yielding is this one's."

New Hampshire, unlike some other states, presents a different obstacle to potential darters- the New Hampshire Liquor Commision. Up until very recently dart tournaments could not be held in the Granite State because they were considered to be gambling or gaming. Once the rules and regulations were decided upon, the Liquor Commision satisfied and the owners negotiated with, the format was set and announced. Regulation Cricket is used in place of tactical shooting and only one game of 301 is shot versus two-out-of-three, otherwise the format is pretty similar to others. As far as coastal New Hampshire is concerned, the dart association has a potential for growth and prosperity in its' future.

Spring 1984

March 22nd, 1984, 8 teams from the Portsmouth area competed in League Play on Wednesday nights. It was a 7 week season plus a 2 week playoff. Soon after the start of the season the league elected its first Board of Directors.

Dale Yeilding President, Steve Bennett Secretary, Janelle Zuk Treasurer, Jennifer Brewster, Linda Foote, Greg Callahan -Alternate

The Vandals from the NCO Club and Trip Wire from the Press Room advanced to the finals. The Vandals and Trip Wire finished 11 to 11 after the 2nd week of the playoffs. A 1001 4 person tiebreaker, determined the Championship. The Vandals from the Pease NCO Club won the Championship long after closing time. (Double Ones can be hell.)

The first season was history and a time to move on. The Treasury ended the year with a ($-28.45) balance. The Press Room hosted the Awards Night, I think we had Pizza. Many changes took place during the next several months. Dale found new work out of State and Greg Callahan became the President of the SDA. A short time later, Greg resigned as President and Bob Loring was elected by the Board to replace Greg. All of these changes took place within a very short period of time. Fortunately the difficult task of forming the Association had been established and we looked forward to a bright future. The Board stabilized and work began immediately to make the SDA the best darting organization bar none.

The Early Years: Growth, Organization, and Planning

The summer season of 84' was the beginning of change. The draft rules were changed and refined. Singles games were changed to the best two out of three, Dale Yeilding continued to do the computerized weekly statistics and most of the administrative duties. A major concern was the geographical territory for the league. The original boundary sited the Portsmouth area. The Rules were changed to identify a specific area which was a radius of 15 miles from the Portsmouth traffic circle. This boundary remained in affect for the next several years, as you will note in future issues of The Flightline.

Looking to its' future, the League joined the American Darts Organization. The ADO assisted the League with its' Charter and Bylaws required by NH law pertaining to non-profit organizations. It also put the SDA on the map. The League has maintained its affiliation with the ADO from the very beginning. In the mid 80's the SDA was pro-active in ADO events: The ADO Allstar, Masters and Pacific Cup local qualifiers. ADO annual dues was paid for by the League until 1986, at no cost to the membership. As the League continued its growth, a $2.50 annual individual membership was instituted to cover the cost of ADO membership.

The Board of Directors continued to place a priority on growth and standardization. Newspaper coverage of special events helped the leagues public relation image.In the Fall of 84, The Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce featured a goodwill match between Portsmouth England and Portsmouth New Hampshire. The British ship H.M.S. Sirrus remained at the Portsmouth Navy Yard for several days and the Chamber asked the SDA to host the Match. The first match was held at the Riversmere in Portsmouth and the final match was hosted by the Scoreboard Lounge at the Portsmouth Bowl-a-Rama. (It wasn't until years later that the Scoreboard joined the League.) News articles continued to appear in local papers citing the SDA as an organization "on the move."

The Seacoast Dart Association Summer 1984

Summer registration ended with 10 teams competing in one Division. The Press Room fielded 4 Teams, the NCO Club 4, the Lafayette Pub 1, and the new Pub to join the League was the Lobster Barn in York Maine with 1 team. It was a 9 week season with each team playing each other one time. The summer format was 1 game of a 4 person 1001 ds/dd, 2 games of 2 person Cricket and 4 games of singles 301 ds/dd. The playoff format consisted of the 1st and 2nd place teams. The 1st to 4 points was the champion.

Summer registration was $25.00 per team. Team members continued to pay the registration fee as the pubs were reluctant to sponsor any dart team. (That would begin to change in the coming seasons). Bob Maranhas had a 15 dart game that season and Linda Foote from the NCO Club had a 138 Out.

Final rosters for the Summer season indicate 60 active members: 8 women and 52 men.

The Seacoast Dart Association Fall 1984

Fall of 84 continued to see growth in the Sport. Fourteen teams registered for the Fall Season. Two new Pubs joined the League this season: The Spice of Life in York Village, and The Tin Palace in Durham. Enter Scott Perkins to the League. The League continued this season with one division. This would be the last season before dividing up the League into Divisions. It was a thirteen week season, playing each team once. The registration fee for the Fall Season was $45.00. Dale passed the Stats and administration duties over to Greg Callahan for the Fall Season. The Rules continued to be amended for clarification more than anything else. How the scorer would chalk the game, how long the dart must remain in the board to be scored, how to fill out the match report for late arriving players, and how to deal with sportsmanship.

127 darters competed in the Fall 84 season. Of the 127 members 5 were women. Looking to the future, FAIRPLAY was instituted on a trial basis. This was later voted down by the membership and singles win/loss averages would be used to set up Divisions for the future.

Spring 1985

The Spring season was the beginning of the SDA's second year as an organization. More and more interest in the sport was evident by the number of teams signing up. The League was large enough at this time to split the League into two divisions. Team rankings were based on singles averages from the previous seasons play. This practice has remained the same throughout the years.

The A division was comprised of eight teams, and the B Division had ten teams.

The Press Room and the Pease NCO Club fielded 11 of the 18 teams.

The Spice of Life in York Maine 2, The Lafayette Pub in N. Hampton, 2, The Tin Palace in Durham, 1

The Rubicon in Newington 2.

The following information was taken from the original stat reports and rosters. Some of you may remember this period of time.

The Rubicons: RC. Tom McCoomb, Suresh Murjani, Dana Pregent, Geo Harrison, Brett Bufalino, Noreen Morang, Mary Leighton, and Jeff Souter.

Here for the Beer: HB. All the Hatches from Hampton. Somehow Greg Varrell ended up on that team later in the season.

Message Center:: 2/06/85 Reminder: Only darts thrown for actual ("official") SCORE can be credited toward individual awards (Ton 80's etc.) must have been a meaning to this at the time!

Postage is now 22 cents. Don't forget to add the 2 cent stamp! Marilyn Loring 103 Out, 3/20/85. Reminder to those who have forgotten: Darts is the friendliest game in the world! Scott Perkins is the coordinator for the Summer League. Wonder if he knew then that it would continue for many many seasons?! New Board of Directors announced on 4/24/85. Bob Loring, Greg Callahan, Janelle Zuk, Linda Foote, Steve StMartin, Joe Dyer, Dale Yeilding, Scott Perkins. 4 way tie for the ninth seat. Steve Bennett, Bob Brewster, Doug Roberts, John Impy.

Summer 1985

The Summer season got off to a shaky start. Members were polled to see if there would be enough interest to keep the League going year round. It was decided then that a Summer League would be formed and that has continued since. 6 A Division teams were formed along with an 8 team B Division. Two new Pubs joined the League that season

Driftwood Lounge and Ha'Penny Pub

This stuff was gleaned from the stat and other documents: 6/05/85 Spring Awards Tournament will be held on Thursday, June 20th at the Rubicon. Reduced prices on some beers during the Tournament. There will be 3 events. Cash and prizes will be awarded. 301 singles $3 pp. 2 person Luck of the Draw Cricket $1.50 pp. And your own 3 person 501 $1. 6/19/85 Thanks to all who attended the awards night, it was a big success. Joe Dyer did a great job.8/0785 Mike Zuk 9 Dart Game. Dillon Wilson is the new captain of the Corkers. Some new members to the SDA this Summer. Sharon Belanger, Greg Varrell, Bob Unruh. John Vandergriftwent 10-0 in Singles. Bob Loring had a 437 HH on 6/5/85. Don G. Hatch finished the season with 740 All Stars, 41 TT Points (2 behind his brother Danny) and 6 Rounds Of.

Note: The Rubicon Restaurant in Newington NH (formerly the Flagstones) became a major sponsor for the SDA beginning in 1985. Our largest tournament was held there and boasted 100 plus entries. It's function rooms were large enough to support a tournament of that size and the League was greatful for the support. The Rubicon was destroyed by fire. It was a very nice place to shoot darts.

Fall 1985

Many Rule changes have taken place over the years and we will be looking at the original draft and comparing it to the current Rules in future issues.

The Fall 85 season doubled the size of the League membership compared to the Fall of 1984. Word was on the street that something good was going on with Darts in the Seacoast. Darters from Maine to Massachusetts were traveling to the Seacoast on Wednesday nights to join in the fun.

Weekly tournaments were springing up at various Pubs offering added cash to the payouts and other special events.

The Rubicon in Newington was offering guaranteed cash prizes of $250.00. Other Pubs were following the lead by adding cash to the purse. It was a significant time of growth for the sport of darts and that cycle has been on going for over a decade. Management of the League activity required dedicated volunteers. The League was fortunate to have had a nucleus of individuals to fill those positions. As you will read, individuals that are now nationally ranked, began shooting with the SDA.

A beginner at the Sport was asked to enter the tournament and it took him a few weeks to get up the courage to enter the competition (Circa 1987). His name: Bob Hodsdon. I think Paula entered the tournament before he did! I know she paid the $2.00 entry fee. So, the League continued its' prosperity and we entered into the second year with spirits high.

Fall Season begins. A, B, C Divisions. This was the first season to have the three Divisions. Eight teams competed in the A Division, with the addition of a new Pub. The Chiefs Club at the Navy Yard. A new team from the Newburyport Mass. areasponsored by Hudsons Marina fielded a team out of the Lafayette Pub in North Hampton. This was a team that would challenge the best that the Seacoast had to offer. Captain Dick Lattime, Craig Hudson, Peter Tang, Rick Moreno, Ray Hughes, Keith Hudson, Paul Decoste, Mike Kent, and Mike Rurak came to town ready to play. Finishing the season with 116 wins. Second place regular season were the Vandals. Captain John Vandergrift and his crew from the Pease NCO Club with 97 wins. The darters from MA had arrived.

Eight teams in the B Division competed. No new pubs were added to this Division. The Dart n Vaders from the Pease NCO Club finished 1st in the Regular Season with 87 wins followed by The McDonough Boys, Captain Bruce Pingree, Jon Hansson, Glen Jodoin, Paul Chussil, John Harter, Glen Decarteret, Gary Auger, David Jodion, Tom Brigham (and the other guys they got off the bar stool), finished in 2nd with 85 wins.

The C Division fielded 5 teams. The Sparetime Lounge in Newmarket joined the League this season along with Benjamins' in Durham (short lived). Charlie Pettengil put the team together from Spartime Lounge. Benjamins was dropped from the division on week 13 for no shows. The Feather Busters: Captain Jeff Souters, Don Souther, Brett Bufalino, Paul Spinney, Brian Klockars, Ray Buravak, Eric Bowser, and Sharon Belanger from the Rubicon finished 1st in the regular season with 64 wins followed by the Rubicon Irregulars: Captain Suresh Murjani, Mary Leighton, Peter McArdle, John McCollett, Dave Nagy, Robert Klockars, and Jim Cundy in 2nd with 61 wins. Oh yes, The McDonough Boys were the "B" Division Champs that Season. The Press Room won "the big one"